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International Paper Sizes

A Compendium of Measurements

International Paper Sizes: A Compendium of Measurements focuses on papers for printed publications, for desktop/office printers, for business use (including envelopes and business cards), and for imposetters/imagesetters and large-format printers. It records measurements for both standard sizes and commonly used irregular sizes. Although international in scope, International Paper Sizes emphasizes Japanese papers. The annotations of the links below outline the organization of the information available here.

Guide to International Paper Sizes
Concise tables of international paper sizes for book work: ISO/DIN, JIS, metricated, and nonmetric traditional standards
Japanese Papers for Printing
Extensive tables of JIS and metricated traditional paper and trim sizes (with inch equivalents) together with grammage
Expanded Tables of North American,
UK/EU, and Metric Paper Sizes

Extensive tables of international paper and trim sizes for book work, with metric and inch equivalents
Traditional Japanese
Specialty Papers

Concise tables of paper sizes for calligraphy, photographic prints, stationery, etc.
Desktop/Office Printer, Business &
Imposetter/Large-Format Papers

Extensive tables of international paper sizes for desktop/office printers, business stationery, business cards, and imposetters/large-format printers
Envelope Sizes

Comprehensive annotated tables of Japanese, ISO metric, and North American commercial and correspondence envelope sizes
Basis Weight and Grammage
Conversion Tables

Comprehensive tables of basis weights, metric equivalents, and conversion factors
Fractional and Decimal Inch and
Metric Conversion Tables

Concise tables for quick conversion of useful fractional measurements from any direction

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